360 degree feedback is a multi-rater process that offers an employee the opportunity to receive feedback from their manager/supervisor, direct reports (if applicable) co-workers and sometimes clients. Most 360 degree feedback tools also include a self-assessment. With feedback from multiple sources this method produces a well-rounded view of employees’ performance, competencies and workplace behaviours for the purpose of professional development.

A 360-degree feedback process can be conducted on employees at all levels, with potential benefits including;

  • Identifying strengths and challenges
  • Motivating change
  • Creating a professional development plan
  • Identifying training needs
  • Providing base line for future development
  • Assisting with performance reviews

Using the right tool is vital for valid feedback. Several options are available including:

Existing Survey

There are a number of existing 360-degree feedback tools containing a wide-range of categories and items that we can administered for you.

Customised Survey

A tailored 360-degree assessment; allows for customised content that meets the specific demands of the role and the organisation. This involves identify critical competencies, then linking them to observable behaviours.

Combination of Both

If an assessment tool meets most of an organisation’s needs but requires some adjustments to content to capture unique components, a combination of an existing tool with some customisation can provide the best fit.


We will work with you to determine/develop a 360-feedback tool with measurable competencies relevant to your organisation’s core values, mission and strategic plan and assist you with its implementation. We then conduct a feedback session with the employee to assist them gain valuable insights and create an action-oriented professional development plan. As behavioural specialists our team take into account your employees’ attributes and intrinsic motivators that drive performance. This allows for professional development plan that is both aligned to their role and in keeping with their personal characteristics.

Effective feedback processes are imperative to employee motivation, commitment and engagement. Successful organisations recognise this and continually strive to evaluate and guide employees towards improvement and growth.


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