Professional coaching assists employees to develop new skills, achieve goals, and successfully manage personal and professional challenges.  Coaching is frequently used as a professional development tool helping employees adapt to change, improve work habits, and overcome obstacles. The benefits for both the individual and the organisation are invaluable, with more organisations creating a coaching culture in recognition of the following gains:

For Employees

  • Improved performance
  • Job satisfaction
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased commitment
  • Improved communication

For the Organisation

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved team functioning
  • Improved employee relations
  • Culture of learning and development

The hallmarks of coaching are that it is tailored to the individual with specific business objectives in mind. Accordingly, our psychologists work with employees at all levels and our coaching packages suit individual personalities and experiences within the organisational context. Our approach derives from extensive experience and best-practice methodology which aligns with the following coaching principles:

  • Support insight, discovery, and clarity
  • Identify and build on strengths
  • Promote accountability and responsibility
  • Include measurable targets that support individual and organisational goals
  • Elicit employee-generated solutions and strategies
  • Promote change and transformation.

In addition to the above, we offer professional relationship coaching. This is because the success of an organisation depends largely on how its people interrelate. Dysfunctional workplace relationships inhibit communication and productivity. Professional relationship coaching supports employees develop insight into workplace behaviours to better understand and build effective relationships, communication, and team cohesiveness.

Talk to us about your organisation’s needs and we can tailor a package to get the most out of your workers.


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