At Cullen Psychology we offer multi-layered Learning and Development (L&D) packages that are customised to suit your organisational needs. Our L&D packages include 1-3 services that can be implemented independently or collectively as required including:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Training/workshop design and delivery
  • Training evaluation (ROI review), if requested

Training needs analysis

We conduct a training needs analysis to gain a thorough understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are essential to your employees and how to develop them effectively. Taking stock of employee roles and future direction ensures a complete personalised training solution.

Training design and delivery

Given that all organisations have unique needs and targets; tailored programs guarantee content is relevant. Our range of workshops and information sessions are designed to best suit your goals and our delivery style attuned to your organisation’s culture. Our team of psychologists deliver to employees at all levels. Our recent workshops have included:

  • Managing different personalities
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Difficult Staff Behaviour
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Post Critical Incidents – Supporting employees
  • Team Alignment
  • Psychological Well-being in the Workplace

​Training Evaluation

Training evaluation is a systematic process to assess if training initiatives have been effective and in keeping with expected outcomes. We include several individual assessment tools designed to measure acquisition of knowledge, skills, behavioural changes, and most importantly translation into the workplace. Training evaluation will effectively demonstrates return on investment.


We understand the importance of applicable training and the value of creating a culture of innovation and continued improvement. With that in mind, our training packages are in line with the following principles, training should be relevant, enjoyable, and transferable.


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