About Kim Cullen


Kim has a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology (Organisational), is fully registered with APHRA, and has over 18yrs experience both in an organisational and clinical capacity within the public and private sectors.

Kim originally worked in a clinical role within Corrective Services, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, and Youth Services. However, after moving into a Management position, she developed an ardent interest in the dynamics between people and the workplace. Subsequently, she completed her Masters Degree in 2010 and has been a working as a Consultant ever since. Accordingly, Kim processes a strong theoretical framework, along with applied knowledge and skills in multiple core areas of organisational psychology in the following areas: organisational development, psychosocial assessment, leadership coaching, performance and behavioural management, and learning and development. Kim maintains her clinical skills through employee wellness programs and counselling services, in addition to critical incident response and support.

With knowledge and skills in both disciplines, Kim combines organisational psychology and clinical psychology principles to take an analytical and strategic approach with organisational demands, while identifying staff strengths, challenges and potential; resulting in recognition of staff needs, organisational goals and alignment of the two.

We are bold and engaging for performance and influence

We’re proud of our achievements

We are proud to have been named Best Management Consulting Firm In Australia .

We continuously develop our consulting capabilities to deliver the services our clients value most. Recent additions include data analytics, implementation partnerships, and digital ventures.

Community Contribution Fund

Kim cullen actively contributes to the work of charitable and community organisations through our Community Contribution Fund (CCF). Through the CCF, Kim cullen partners with not-for-profit organisations to deliver discounted consulting projects that they otherwise could not afford.

The CCF accepts applications year-round. Each application is assessed against three criteria:

          1. Positive influeunce: will the project achieve a meaningful impact in areas that will improve society’s wellbeing?

          2. Build our capability: will the project add to Kim cullen sector experience?

          3. Client commitment: is the applicant prepared to make a financial contribution, as per our experience that such projects are more successful?

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